Fablehaven, a Fantasy Series Worth Reading

Fablehaven, a Fantasy Series Worth Reading

Sadie Germain

In 4th grade, I eagerly started a fantasy series that seemed really long and for older kids. I was immediately transfixed, and within a month, had bought all five books and read them all. During quarantine, 6 years later, I picked up the Fablehaven series again, and I was sucked into the world all over again. It is nearly identical to the real world, except there are a bunch of wild reserves full of magical creatures that have been hidden from the world. The story that my 4th grade self loved is still as good as it was, and the plot twists are elegantly done. There are just enough hints that in looking back at the revelation it makes sense, but not enough that one would be able to predict it ahead of time. 

The plot has a great mix of goofy and serious, and there is real tension when the main characters, Seth and Kendra, must do things that could put them in danger. For example, Seth and Kendra’s grandparents got kidnapped and Kendra had to save them. She tried to fight off the bad guys, and instead of unrealistically winning, she had to back off and rethink her attack. Seth, the risk-taking one who constantly breaks the rules is still lovable, but it really takes until the third book or so that he really steps into the responsibility he has. His character arc is satisfying to read through again, knowing that he does get better and less annoying. 

This series is very deep into a fantasy world full of magical creatures, such as frog demons and centaurs who watch tv.  The lore is not very complex, but every little piece of it is super interesting and well made. Brandon Mull took the time to really think through the history of this world, and it shows. 

10/10 griffin claws.