Food Wars: Who Has the Best Chicken Sandwich

Jerry Velazquez and Jonathan Grim

The chicken sandwich is one of the many popular items to get at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Popeyes. However, what really classifies which establishment is better depends on the overall sandwich and the contents inside the sandwich such as sauce, chicken, bun, etc. We review all the fast food chains known for their chicken sandwich. We judge upon the overall flavor and how each element goes into one another. Out of our duel effort, Jon ate Wendy’s, Chick Fil-A’s, and Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. Jerry ate McDonald’s, Burger King’s, and KFC’s chicken sandwiches.

McDonalds: McDonalds is a staple in the fast food industry, it is seen as one of the best chains in the business. However, how do they compare to their competition? Poorly. There isn’t much when you receive your meal, all you get is a small sandwich, some fries and a soda. Biting into the sandwich you are disappointed; the only taste is flavorless chicken and a potato bun. There are also only 2 pickles for the entire sandwich and nothing else, no lettuce or mayonnaise. Even if the sandwich doesn’t cost that much it is still a disappointing sandwich.

Wendy’s – This is definitely one of the “Don’t judge a book by its cover” scenarios. You get the sandwich and it definitely is disappointing, it’s all pressed down and it’s a mess. You bite into it and it’s so good(for fast food). The flavor combination was everything you need. You bite that chicken and it comes with tomato and lettuce and mayonnaise or whatever the sauce is. You never get a bite with just chicken or just the extra stuff, there’s always that equal balance a chicken sandwich should have.

Chick-FIl-A – Ahhh, Chick Fil A, this was a good one, with the crispy chicken and the pickles and the bread, that’s pretty much it, it was very visually bland, there was nothing to it, just a bland sandwich. It tasted really good, the spice on the chicken was a good touch, and the pickles definitely added that flavor that it lacked. There was barely any sauce.

BK – Burger KIng is one of the most overrated fast food joints out there. It is very rare for someone to talk nothing but good about it, however here we are ranking Burger King at number 3. We were only able to obtain the Original Chicken Sandwich, this sandwich was not that expensive compared to the other and it certainly wasn’t bad. It was slightly dry and bland only having lettuce and mayo, pickles are a must have but unfortunately Burger King didn’t have them here. Despite all these not so good aspects of the sandwich there is just a feeling when eating

it that brings joy to you. if you were to have a chicken sandwich from Burger King then I would recommend the Ch’King over the Original Chicken Sandwich

KFC – The colonel did not disappoint with this sandwich. KFC is famous for its chicken and rightfully so. The chicken there is so good and crispy it made every bite worth eating. Plenty of mayo and pickles made the flavor stand out and actually taste good despite not being a unique combination. The fries were also very flavorful and felt like a good side. Overall KFC is very good at their chicken sandwiches and it did not look bad whatsoever.

Popeyes – This chicken sandwich was as good as it can get from a fast food restaurant that mainly sells chicken. This chicken sandwich had everything a chicken sandwich should have. It had pickles, sauce and chicken. The chicken was crispy and hot and tasted pretty fresh.The bun had great flavor. I really “Loved that chicken from Popeyes”
We got together and talked about the chicken sandwiches. We judged them by their initial looks, their overall flavor, the price, and the chicken itself(dryness, flavor, crispy, etc) The review of the sandwiches are as follows:

6. McDonald’s($4.29)-1 paw- bad and underwhelming
5. Chick Fil A($3.65)-3 paws- boring, super boring
4.Wendy’s($4.69)-3 paws- tasty, but there’s better alternatives.
3. Burger King($4.99) Good 3 paws
2. KFC($3.99)-5 paws
1.Popeyes($3.99)-5 paws- delicious had everything a good fast food chicken sandwich should have.