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AP Biologys New Creations
AP Biology's New Creations
Brooke O'Neill and Madison Bruso May 8, 2024

Many species were created during a project in Ms. Carver’s AP Biology class. Students ranging from sophomores to seniors worked hard throughout the week. Groups worked together to determine their creations' traits, names...

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The Selections Book Series Review
The Selection's Book Series Review
Madison Bruso, Staff Reporter • May 24, 2024

“The Selections” series by Kiera Cass is an intriguing young adult romance series that follows the journey of America Singer as she navigates the challenges of the Selection...

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Class of 2023 Senior Dress up Day
A chronicle of Senior Dress-Up day past and present
Briana Munoz Diaz, Staff Reporter • November 16, 2022

Senior Dress-Up Day has always been around the day of Halloween. What is the senior dress-up day? The senior dress-up day is a chance for seniors to be able to dress up in...

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Meigs making positive impact in the science classroom
Meigs making positive impact in the science classroom
Camilla Walczak, Staff Reporter • April 10, 2024

Richard Meigs, a hardworking, thoughtful, approachable science teacher at our high school has been impacting the community with his innovative, engaging, and fun activities...

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A display of all the most common GOATs from the five major American sports. Photo illustration by Brady Denniston.
The GOAT of all GOATs - Settling The Debate
Brady Denniston, Staff Reporter • May 1, 2024

Earlier this year, LeBron James became the first player in National Basketball Association history to record 40,000 points. He had previously broken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s...

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Written in the Stars: Navigating Destiny
Written in the Stars: Navigating Destiny
Brooke O'Neill May 20, 2024

Life can be a very complex journey filled with many challenges, big and small. With moments of both joy and sorrow woven into it. These triumphs test us in many different...

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Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
The Problems with Modern Star Wars
Baeden Blackburn, Staff Reporter • December 17, 2020

Why do people love Star Wars? Could it be the cinematography? What about the special effects? The dialogue? Maybe even the Christmas Special? Well, it comes as no surprise...

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More Than Just A Name
Nikki Hollis November 4, 2020

Upon the civil unrest that has fallen upon the United States in 2020, Nikki Hollis created a short fictional story inspired by the current events....