Yay or Nay? Filos Taverna: Food Review


Inside Filos Taverna from their website

Filos Greek Taverna Restaurant, a small, cute, local place to eat when you want something new to try. When you walk in you’re greeted with a Mediterranean atmosphere, with painted stone booths and colorful tiles on the floor. This was my first time going to Filos and I got the Chicken Souvlaki Wrap. This wrap included chicken, tomatoes, red onion, tzatziki, chopped parsley, and of course I added feta cheese all wrapped up in a hot pita. My two friends who came with me ordered the Mediterranean Falafel Wrap and the Traditional Gyro. There’s so many other options on the menu (pizza, fries, and a variety of unique Greek foods) which is great because you can get whatever you feel like suits you for that day. As a person who has never had Greek food before, this place is so good and is worth the try. When we arrived, they were in the middle of putting some new windows in, to brighten up the atmosphere and we personally thought that it was a very smart decision, because although the inside was nice and colorful, it needed some of that natural lighting to make things really pop. The staff as well were very nice, with you going up to order like fast food, but the staff bringing the delicious dishes right to your table. They worked quickly and well, and within minutes after ordering from the nice cashier, it was brought right to us for us to dig right in.

But this restaurant hasn’t just been some new development; this place goes back to the 1980’s. According to their website, “Konstantinos & Sunita Sierros met at A-1 Pizza in Florence where Konstantinos’s family has been in business since 1983. Sunita was an economics major at Smith and Konstantinos was just starting out with the family business. They both fell in love with the area (and each other) and decided that this was the best area to work and raise a family in, so they made the commitment to stay here. That was nearly 22 years ago. Since then, they have owned and operated Florence Pizza in Florence and Paisano’s Restaurant in Southampton. The oven was brought over from Greece brick by brick. Adding pizza to our menu was a no brainer. After all, we are ‘pizza people’, it’s what we do and have done all our working lives. But this pizza is significantly different from what we have offered our patrons before. The oven was brought over from Greece brick by brick and the two inch thick lava stone which cooks the pizza rotates around in a circle so that there is no “cold spot” anywhere on the pizza.” While this was a different time in history and things may have changed, the authenticity cannot be doubted.

This nice small restaurant, embedded with history, is a quiet place to bring your family and friends when you stop for lunch after a day’s worth of shopping. Its location is smart, nestled right in the heart of Northampton for any to come and walk right in.


5 paws – Devour it!

Chicken Souvlaki Wrap (Destiny Patterson)