2017-2018 Staff

Missy Shepardson

Music Critic

Missy has been interested in journalism since freshman year and reported news for previous schools. She became interested in journalism after reading about current events and the false reports covering them. Her drive for journalism...

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Shanza Asif

Media Personnel

What drives me to be a journalist is the learning experience. As you write you learn so much. I plan on staying in Spotlight until I graduate in 2020. I am looking forward to the social media aspect of Spotlight the most. I am in ...

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Michael Senecal

Sport Analyst

Michael is driven to be a journalist by his love for sports and interest in writing about the outcomes and predictions. Michael joined Spotlight his sophomore year. He enjoys writing about all things sports. He started off his Spot...

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Maddie Mathers

Spotlight Editorial Board

Maddie Mathers says that the biggest aspect of journalism that draws her into the spotlight is the teacher interviews, learning about people's lives, and the design behind a finished newspaper. She’s been apart of spotlight...

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Jillian Whalen


Jillian is driven to be a journalist because she wants to keep others updated about current events, sports, and things happening around the school. She plans to be a part of Spotlight magazine for the 2017-2018 school year. Jillian...

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Evan Levrault

Sports Analyst

I got interested in journalism because I read a lot of ESPN and sports articles from other websites. It encouraged me to start a website that covers the sports at SHHS called The Jungle Blog, which covers school sports. I hadn’...

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