Absolute Zero is Absolutely Not a Zero


Evie Gingras, Staff Reporter

Absolute Zero, an ice cream shop located in Northampton, features more than just your average ice cream. If you’re a fan of boba tea you’ve surely heard of this shop, and if you haven’t you’re missing out no doubt. 


The colorful, inviting interior sets the mood for enjoying any selection of various treats. Their menu consists of: numerous ice cream flavors in the form of rolled, bowled, or coned, a variety of boba flavors and toppings, as well as savory or sweet crepes, and other delectable desserts. My personal favorite. the taro milk tea with tapioca pearls and caramel coconut crepe. 


Compared to any other boba i’ve tried, Absolute Zero takes the cake. Although slightly more pricey, the perfectly cooked tapioca paired with ice cold taro milk tea was the perfect way to conclude my trip to Northampton. Classmate, Alison Montemagni, agrees after her purchase of their strawberry peach boba, “It was my first time going there but I really liked it. I don’t really get boba that often, but i’m glad I did. “

I’ve been to Absolute Zero a handful of times and it’s yet to disappoint. It’s my go-to boba shop in the area, but if you’re like me without a license, I highly recommend Doordashing it. Its super convenient and yes, the boba stays cold! All in all, I give this shop a 5 out of 5 paws.