Absolute Zero is Absolutely Delicious!


Clara Jolley, Staff Reporter

Absolute Zero is a local ice cream, tea, and crepe shop located in Northampton, MA. They’re famously known for their sweet treats that are to die for. Their thai rolled ice cream is the perfect snack to grab on a hot summer day with over 20 different flavors and even more topping options! If you’re looking for a more refreshing choice I recommend any of their boba teas. With endless varieties, you could get milk tea, green tea, or black tea. They have a flavor for every person as well as multiple different types of boba or fruity bubbles.

My friends and I revisit this shop almost every week! We all have different tastes and everyone is able to find something that they enjoy. My friend, Mia Beaulieu, frequently enjoys their specialty crepes and recommends it to everyone who gets the chance to visit. Personally, I love the dragon breath treat which is a crunchy cereal type food infused with liquid nitrogen! When you bite into it, smoke comes out and it looks like a dragon’s breath, hence the name. I also thoroughly enjoy their mango green tea with strawberry boba, I get it everytime! 

As well as having yummy food, the environment of the shop is unmatched. It is the cutest place to take pictures with your friends for social media, or even just to have a relaxing spot to chill. The employees are super friendly and even the customers always have the best energy. 

Overall, I rate Absolute Zero 5 out of 5 tiger paws. I hope after reading this you decide to indulge in the delectable treats they have to offer and enjoy it just as much as my friends and I do!