You’ll love raising animals in ‘Alpaca World’


One of my favorite Iphone game apps as of recently is called Alpaca World. You are an alpaca farm owner in charge of many cute alpacas of different colors and customized names. The goal of the app is to make your farm of alpacas as best as it can be.

One cool feature in the app is that you can customize your alpacas to your liking. You can purchase tons of accessories such as glasses, hats, or wigs for them to wear. Overtime, your alpacas are able to grow an abundance of wool, in which you can then collect and sell it in the city for coins. These coins can purchase everything from, new alpacas, accessories, upgrades, and supplies.

Your alpacas can travel to different farms in groups of four or under. While roaming in other farms, you can to battle other alpacas for points in order to achieve a higher level ranking. Rankings can go from beginner, all the way to expert, along with increasing their numerical levels. (level 1, 2 ,3, etc…) You can battle them to the death, or you can use different kinds of rope to capture stray alpaca that would look cute on your own farm. Death and capturing of alpaca may sound sad, but life happens. Plus, they will be taken good care of on your farm.

Another feature in the app is the ability to upgrade your alpaca farm by adding farm equipment. This includes; alpaca dens to hold more alpaca, windmills for faster growing wool, and a pond waterfall for more wool growth.

The app on the app store  is set at an excellent price, which is free. Frequent playing of this game leads to the best results in creating the most improved farm available. This app is fun to pass time while waiting or if you’re bored, or if you’re just really dedicated into raising virtual animals.

5 out of 5 paws