Problems with girls bathroom


This may sound like a trivial “first world problem” to many, but the toilet paper dispensers in our school are extremely inconvenient to use. Many of the dispensers are a pain to use because the roll won’t spin, so you’re forced to take a single sheet of toilet paper at a time. Instead of only rolling the toilet paper forward, people have to roll in the opposite direction as well in order to receive the amount of toilet paper desired.

Seniors Tara Bainbridge and Alyssa Lucchessi agree that they’ve been annoyed with the toilet paper dispensers for a while and they know others who feel the same way. Lucchessi said the toilet paper dispensers are so inconvenient and that it needs to be fixed right away. Bainbridge insisted that the little sheet of toilet paper that you receive by trying to get toilet paper from the dispenser isn’t enough.

The school has also gotten rid of the wastebaskets in the girls bathroom stalls, which has bothered many girls throughout the school. Placing a trash can next to the doorway is not the right solution. Many girls would agree that having the wastebaskets in each stall is more convenient, efficient and discreet for feminine purposes than having one trash can is. The school should invest in new toilet paper dispensers and wastebaskets for the comfort of our students.