New Plains School raises questions


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A new Plains School is being built to replace the current building on Granby Road. The current Plains School was not up to code, so the town decided that an entire new building was to be built in the parking lot. After demolition, the new parking lot will be where the current school is. The Spotlight Editorial board was divided on this decision. Some staff member agreed that a new school was needed. Others argued that an entire school was not necessary, and the money could’ve been used elsewhere in the town. The school seems very big for the amount of children that it will contain, and the idea of an indoor playground seems a bit unnecessary. Some Spotlight staff noted they are not fans of the architecture and the way the building appears. Others are in support of a building that has nice amenities, as investing in the education of our children is one of the best ways to spend taxpayer money. While acknowledging their differences of opinion on the expenditure, Spotlight hopes the building is completed on time so the new school year can get off to a smooth start.