Personalized Parking Spots Would Improve Our Community


Allie Sowers, Staff Reporter

Ever feel like our community lacks… community? Yes, we have an insane 6th man in the gym or on the field, but what about outside of that? With pep rallies being pushed away because of COVID, our school doesn’t seem to have many events to bring the students together: but what if there was something that could solve this? Imagine the student lot being draped in different colors, images, words, designs, everything possible; an endless pool of artistry! 

Painting parking spots would definitely allow students to come together outside of school and show each other their creativeness! A day would be held before school officially starts to allow students to paint their parking spots. A fee of around $10 would be charged and all proceeds would contribute to the student’s corresponding classes’ senior dues! This would significantly decrease the amount of senior dues owed considering it’d be a ‘fundraiser’ students will most likely participate in. (And no one wants a big senior due!)

 “But what paint?” is probably the first question, but it’s an easy answer: Water-based exterior latex paint. It’s protective, it’s easy to get off the pavement with just a bucket of water & soap and some scrubbing when the day comes to remove the paint for the next people. Of course, students must be responsible and mature to be able to have this privilege. Students would be charged an undetermined fee if spots contain vulgar images, words, designs, etc. and would also receive an undetermined fee if their spots are not cleaned off by the start of the next school year. All grades would be included in this activity – basically anyone who purchases a designated spot in the lot! The South Hadley Administration is in favor of this idea, but all we need is an approval from the town to begin this creative journey.


A proposal is currently being presented and reviewed by Ms. Wood. It has to be approved by Dr. Jahmal Mosley, the superintendent, in order for it to reach the town administration. 


“It’s a great idea, it will really bring positive energy and the community together,” said Principal Elizabeth Wood. “I’m on board with her and would love to elaborate on this idea,” said Vice Principal Patrick Lemeuix.