After school app takes over school

“After School” is an app that allows students to voice their opinions anonymously about students that are in the school they attend. At first it seems comical and harmless to share your opinions with other people without them knowing who said it, but it soon became a big problem that not only was mean to others, but the start of cyber bullying.

Many students first got the app because they wanted to see what was being said about them, good or bad. However, it soon led to them adding stuff about other people which caused more and more people to get the app.

If you scroll through most of what is said, you may not find what you would expect. What most thought was that the app was just going to be about people saying how nice you are or how great of a person you are. However, it was not what was expected. Most of the comments were either sexually based, rumors, or down right rude. Many comments talked about the person’s body or what what they would like to do or have already done to them.

What was once said nicely about you now was changed into some form of mean comment that could hurt the person it was about. And not only was it rude and inconsiderate, but it may or may not be true. There is no form of checking who said it to hold them accountable for the rumor or anything to determine if what is said is true or not. There is no credibility about what is said. Anyone can say anything so it just gives the anonymous writer a chance to hurt someone without saying it to their face. This app is just a base for spreading rumors and cyber bullying.

The Spotlight Staff recommends that everyone deletes the app of their phone so that way no one gets hurt and no one is allowed to say rude comments about their classmates.

The Spotlight Board agrees with a vote 7:0

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