Closed door policy


The new door policy states that when the bell is rung and you aren’t in class the teacher locks the door and you have to go to see Mr. Maiolo for a pass. At the end of last year the administrative team at South Hadley High School had a meeting discussing what needed to be improved throughout the school. Students wandering the halls during class seemed to be an issue that needed to be addressed.

The school has added a new policy for student, to prevent them from coming late to class.I think there should be an exception to this rule. Administration expects too much from the students at South Hadley. They think that students will get to class in four minutes.

Students will be running late to a class due to talking to a teacher after class, printing out a paper, or being stuck behind a group of students in the hallway. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be penalized for being a few minutes late. If a student is more than ten minutes late then the rule should apply, but only a few minutes the student should be exempt. The closed door policy is as soon as the bell is rung the door is closed and students can’t enter without a pass.


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