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How Parents Should React To Bad Report Cards

The GreatSchools Editorial Team

Bad report cards happen. Parents should discipline their children fairly but not harshly. Different parenting comes with different punishments and Parents can easily create an anxiety warp over their children because of the amount of pressure they put them under. 

All students under grade 12 worry about their report cards going home. Why? Well because parents cause it. Certain parenting punishments may be harsh, while others may be chill and laid back. Anxiety is more relevant in harsher households because of the way parents/guardians punish. 

Whether the bad grades are because of lack of effort, too much going on after school, or personal problems, you should talk with your child and or student before you let loose on what you may not know. If something is holding them back from getting better grades then that could be a possible way of punishing them. Removing their roadblocks. 

Every parent has different ways of punishment but when a bad report card comes home they shouldn’t rash off on their child instead breathe, wait a while to talk to their child and when the time feels right have a conversation.                                     

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Students may struggle with testing and second-guessing themselves which leads to bad grades. Grades shouldn’t define a student’s worth. As a parent, it also could be easier to relate to your child having a failed report card if maybe you didn’t pass a report card in grade school. 

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