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Album Review: Faye Webster’s “Underdressed at the Symphony”


Faye Webster’s fifth studio album opens with track “Thinking About You,” effectively establishing the album’s tone with its gentle, unhurried delivery.

Nya; I enjoyed the long instrumental passages. It showcased Faye’s skillful acoustic sound and the track’s minimal lyrics which primarily revolve around the repeated phrase “thinking about you.” The repetition was essential to Webster’s message drawing the listeners to feel her confessions, an amazing opening song for this album.

Alex; Faye Webster has plenty of songs where she repeats the same line in her soft-spoken voice, but she makes them catchy and harmonious. This song is no different, while some people may say she is dragging the song out I think it introduces a fun and charming tone for the rest of the album.

The next song on the album was “But Not Kiss.”

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Nya; The song kicks off with sullen, almost hushed vocals before the singer abruptly picks up the mood. The dramatic beat drop at the beginning of the song sets the mood for the song to go from a happy relationship to her desperation and yearning. Her vocals create a somber feeling and the instrumentals complete that sorrow with the song’s use of pedal steel guitar, drums, and bass.

Alex; The track is very dramatic, Faye Webster sounds desperate to be with someone, yet decides that she can’t because it’s not a good time. The background instruments are my favorite in this track, the drums and bass are very loud compared to other songs.

After “But Not Kiss” is the song “Wanna Quit All the Time.”

Nya; The song showcases the singer’s raw and refreshing desire to stop drinking. The song unfolds into a ballad where self-reflection and self-doubt intertwine, allowing the artist to become vulnerable in a relatable and honest manner. Webster’s minimalist approach to the song allows the message to speak for itself, showcasing her strength in delivering a vulnerable message without overcomplicating the music. Webster not only delivers a candid message but also presents a fantastic song that resonates with listeners.

Alex; “Wanna Quit All the Time” is a song about battling bad habits, from drinking to being insecure Faye Webster sings in a longing voice, desperate for change. The track goes silent as the song nears the end and convinces the listener that the song is over but it comes back with the same beautiful instrumentals that give a very tropical vibe.

The next track is “Lego Ring”, an upbeat change to the album.

Nya; “Lego Ring” featuring childhood and middle school friend Lil Yachty is a standout track in

Michelle Mercado

her discography. The song exudes a playfulness that is evident in both the music and the accompanying music video, where the two artists are depicted playing a video game reminiscent of Guitar Hero. This lightheartedness serves as a refreshing contrast to the overall tone of the album, adding an uplifting element to the collection of songs.


Alex; The childhood best friends reunite to create an enjoyable song. While they have different styles of music Lil Yachty and Faye Webster are able to combine their skills and mix them together very well.

After is “Feeling Good Today” which stands out as the shortest track on Faye Webster’s album, clocking in at one minute and twenty-six seconds.

Nya; Despite the song’s length, it should not be overlooked. Faye Webster infuses the track with funky vocals and a unique auto-tune sound, giving it an alluring edge. Its soft, melodic nature beckons listeners to hum along, making it a standout piece on the album.

Alex; Feeling good today is a lighthearted and cute song. At first, I thought the amount of autotune was excessive and even unusual, but when I gave it a second listen, I realized it was just Faye Webster having fun and experimenting. The song definitely isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy its simplistic lyrics and playful instrumentals.

“Lifetime” is the next song on the album.

Nya; “Lifetime,” is a melodic track that has the power to transport listeners to a state of tranquility. The song’s peaceful ambiance allows Faye’s remarkable vocals to shine as she conveys her emotions and yearning. This love song is accompanied by a harmonious blend of piano, drums, and guitar, further enhancing its captivating allure.

Alex; Lifetime is a really peaceful song. In “Lifetime” Faye Webster takes the single phrase “In a Lifetime” and uses repetitiveness to transform the meaning of her lyrics and hypnotize listeners, very similar to “Kind Of” and “Right Side of My Neck”, also by Faye Webster. It has dreamy instrumentals that might put you to sleep.

After “Lifetime” is the track “He Loves Me Yeah!”

Nya; “He Loves Me Yeah!” presents a change from the relaxedness of the previous tracks, with Webster’s use of cascades and booms in the background that add to the song’s upbeat vibe. Webster expresses the highs and lows of her relationship while confirming that they are still perfect together. The song reflects the moment at the end of a relationship, where one reminisces about the good and bad, even contemplating a return.

Alex; This is a very upbeat light-hearted song that highlights the simplicity of love.

“eBay Purchase History” is the next song on the album.

Nya; In “eBay Purchase History” Webster returns to her soft and hushed vocals while also having fun with the song with light-hearted humor littered through the lyrics, “You should see my eBay purchase history you can learn a lot about me” Faye Webster has fun with the song while also singing about personal topics like longing for connection and the complexities of personal identity.


Alex; “ebay Purchase History” is a relaxing song that shows Faye Webster’s ability to find meaning even in the simplicities of life. It’s very lowkey compared to the other songs.

“Underdressed at the Symphony” is the next song on the album.

(Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP, File) (Amy Harris)

Nya; “Underdressed at the Symphony” serves as the perfect title track for the album, effectively setting the tone and introducing the recurring themes of heartbreak and the pursuit of healing. The song opens with a wistful and gentle guitar melody, accompanied by the subtle rise of string instruments. Webster’s vocals, soft and slightly muted, contribute to the intimate ambiance of the track. Undressed at the Symphony serves as one of the best songs of the album.
Alex; This is easily my favorite song on the album and one of my favorites by Faye Webster, it’s a soothing song where Faye is thinking about her past lover. As the song progresses it is clear that Faye has accepted that they will no longer be together and she can’t hang onto the past.

“Tttttime” is the last song on the album.

In the final track of her album, Webster expresses her feelings of boredom while delivering amazing vocals. The song “Tttttime” discusses the mundane schedule she experiences all by herself, indicating that she has grown accustomed to it. The repetition of “T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-time” in the chorus emphasizes all the time Webster had by herself. Throughout the song, there’s a sense of longing for something more which Webster effectively portrays by using repeated phrases, capturing the essence of the song’s theme.

We both believe Faye Webster’s latest album is a masterful blend of gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics, captivating listeners with its introspective charm. The songs featured were fun and catchy, and a reminder that music doesn’t always have to be so serious. Overall we give the album a total of 4 out of 5 paws.

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