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Crunchy Delight: A Tangy Twist on Fried Pickles

Crunchy Delight: A Tangy Twist on Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are one of the most common appetizers to get when you are at a restaurant. Fried pickles are both tasty and popular, they are made by coating the dill pickles in a seasoned breading, and then deep frying them until they are a bronzed color and are crispy. One of the best things about fried pickles is the contrast of many savory flavors such as the acidic kick of the pickles, followed by the light and crispy breading made with just the right amount of seasoning. Fried pickles are a delicious snack you can enjoy at a restaurant whether you’re with friends, family, or out by yourself!


Upon our review, we visited Friendly’s, Murphy’s Pub, Johnny’s Bar and Grille, and Texas Roadhouse. Then we based them off of crispiness, texture, breading, and of course the taste of the pickles!! 


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Johnny’s Bar & Grille- The overall flavor of the pickles themselves was very good. The flavors of the breading and the pickles were not balanced together well, the flavor of the breading took over from the flavor of the tangy dill pickles. Overall the crispy overpowering flavor was a little overwhelming when you took the first bite because you are unaware of what to expect.  


Murphy’s Pub- This was our favorite place that we reviewed because the service was quick, we received a decent amount of fried pickles, and everything was cooked to perfection! The crispiness of the beer-battered coating was immaculate and did not power over the flavor of the actual pickles, the flavor of the pickles was the perfect kick of tanginess. Overall the breading and the pickles went hand in hand with each other, leading us to our rating of 10/10!


Friendly’s- Overall, the presentation of the pickles looked well overcooked, but then once you took a bite they were extremely soggy on the inside. The crispiness was a 3 because the inside was soggy, the sauce that came along with it was a plain cup of ranch that had no flavor at all, and the overall flavor of the pickles was a 4 due to the very acidic kick and the breading overpowering everything. The rating we give Friendly’s fried pickles is 2.8/10. 


Texas Roadhouse- When the platter came out, the pickles were very thin and had a large layer of breading on them. Although they had a very nice crisp to them, the flavor of the breading once again overpowered the acidic kick of the dill pickles. The Cajun sauce that comes along with it we recommend because the flavors blend together very well!


  1. Friendly’s (7.99)- 1 paw- soggy and plain
  2. Texas Roadhouse (7.99)- 3 paws- good, a little bland
  3. Johnny’s Bar and Grille (10)- 4 paws- everything was good, overwhelming flavor
  4. Murphy’s Pub (10.99)- 5 paws- everything was cooked to perfection! 

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