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El Guanaco & Frontera Grill Food Review

Frontera Grill at 1625 Memorial Drive, Chicopee

Have you ever tried a birria taco? What about chips with salsa and guacamole? A lot of people in the world love Mexican food, and I happen to be one of them.


Recently, I’ve been on a Mexican food kick. Two of my favorite Mexican restaurants near me are Frontera Grill and El Guanaco. El Guanaco is located in South Hadley Massachusetts, and the Frontera Grill that I go to is on Memorial Drive, in Chicopee Massachusetts. Both of these restaurants are close to each other, and they’re close to my house which is another reason why I love buying food from there.


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When I eat at Frontera, I always get the same order no matter what.


I start off my long list with two delicious appetizers. The two appetizers I get are chips with guacamole, and philly steak rolls. The steak rolls at Frontera are out of this world. They’re similar to a crispy fried egg roll, with steak, cheese, mushrooms, and peppers inside. The philly rolls are my favorite appetizer at Frontera, and I highly recommend getting them if you’re a steak and cheese lover.


In my order of guacamole, the server typically asks you what you like in your guac. In my guacamole, I add mangos, and jalapeños.


After finishing my philly roles, chips, salsa, and guacamole, I’m usually pretty full, but I always make sure to save room for my meal. The meal I get is the steak and chicken fajita. It’s served on a hot skillet with chicken, steak, onions, peppers, with a side of rice, beans, and flour tortillas. The steak and chicken fajita is amazing because it’s bursting with flavor. There’s a lot of food that comes with this meal, and it’s very healthy because of all the protein that comes with it. If I don’t eat my entire meal, I usually get it in a to-go container, and eat the rest at home another day. If you’re looking for a well balanced and healthy meal, packed with plenty of protein, I recommend buying the chicken and steak fajita.


Next up on the menu is El Guanaco. El Guanaco is another Mexican restaurant, slightly smaller in size than Frontera, but the food is amazing! Not a lot of people know about this place, which is great for me because the wait for food isn’t too long. I typically order to go, and eat my food at home.


I found out about El Guanaco sometime in 2023. My old barber shop was next to the food spot, so every time I got a haircut, I always saw the restaurant passing by.


The appetizer I buy at El Guanaco is very similar to the appetizer  I get at Frontera.


50 Lamb St, South Hadley, MA 01075

When I call El Guanaco, I start off my order with chips that come with guacamole and salsa. The chips served at El Guanaco are very fresh. Secondly, my favorite part of my order are the birria tacos. These tacos are the best tacos I’ve ever had. I used to see birria tacos all over Tiktok, and when I found out that EL Guanaco had birria tacos on their menu, I had to get them! The birria tacos I buy here are 3 soft tacos, and inside them are pork, cheese, onions, cilantro, and cheese. On the outside of the tacos is this orangey red sauce that gives the taco this juicy flavor. Served with the tacos are a side of rice, beans, and an orangy red dipping sauce that tastes amazing. Like I said, these are the best tacos I’ve ever had!


In conclusion, both El Guanaco and Frontera Grill are a great place to eat. The food they serve, and their service towards their customers are fantastic. If I had to recommend a Mexican restaurant to eat at, El Guanaco and Frontera would be my best recommendations.

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