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The Selection’s Book Series Review

The Selections Book Series Review
Samantha Distell

“The Selections” series by Kiera Cass is an intriguing young adult romance series that follows the journey of America Singer as she navigates the challenges of the Selection competition. The series is known for its engaging plot, intriguing characters, and romantic elements that keep you wanting to read more and more. 


The Selection Books Series is about 34 young girls being brought to the prince in hopes of becoming a princess one day. This book series is built around many different young women who all try their best to impress the prince with their beautiful features and open hearts. Most of the girls are sweet and kind-hearted, others tend to grow weary of being princesses one day, and a select few are cruel and build their way up to potential princesses because of the act they put on. 


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This book series is a romantic series but not sexually romantic. For people who don’t like reading about deep romantics then this book is for you! Reading juicy romances can make you feel uncomfortable. It is the perfect rom-com for an ending about a girl and a guy finding their way to each other. 

After long battles, many dresses, falling in love with someone who you thought you could forget, and girls who don’t give up, she finally got the Prince’s attention. 34 girls had competitions during dinners with the royal family, interviews with the prince alone, and lessons on how to be princesses. 



These girls were all in different brackets, from 2-8’s. These brackets put them on a lower and upper-class scale. It determined a lot of their life and how, where, and when they could do certain things. Going to the royal family’s palace you are automatically one. You are treated like one, you have to act like one, and you most certainly live like one. It makes you feel like a princess. 


The enjoyment while reading this book is incredible. You feel as if you are watching a movie in your head because of how great Kierra Cassis is as a writer. She uses words that intrigue you and capture your attention. Every word on the page is a new scene in your head.

This review earned a 4 out of 5 in the Tiger Paw rating system. This book is incredible and should be considered when waning to read a romance book that feels like a tv show.

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