Summer Jobs


There’s no doubt that working a job usually starts in high school for most kids. Parents encourage their children to apply, to work for more experience, and to work for their own money. Some of our students have jobs, while others don’t. Some students love their jobs, while others don’t. It all depends on the student. Most students can’t even find extra time to work for their already busy schedule with extracurricular activities, school, homework, social, and home life. 

Emily Cruz, sophomore, is so busy with her dance schedule. From balancing dance practice everyday after school to going to dance competitions on the weekends, it’s hard fitting a job there. She said she would like to get one, but there’s just no time. Another sophomore, Ellie Britton, finds her work schedule too busy. She was already working at Johnny’s – but after committing to lacrosse this spring, she doesn’t have time for it all. She ultimately quit due to her schedule being too much, but she is looking forward to getting a job this summer after lacrosse season is over. Most students who do work, hate their job. Finding they are doing too much without getting paid. Students have a time limit for how much they can work since most high schoolers are underage. They find their bosses are overworking them extra time and not getting any benefits. 

One of the most popular places to work for high school students in South Hadley, is the Boathouse. Clara Jolley works there along with many other of her peers. She’s very happy with the environment created there, and it’s a great first job in her opinion. Overall, the experience each student has can differ as they either love or hate it.