Coach Ime Udoka for the Boston Celtics gets suspended

Tahlia Asarese, Staff Reporter

On September 21 2022, news surfaced about Ime Udoka the head basketball coach for the Boston Celtics has been suspended for an improper consensual relationship with a female member of the team staff. The Celtics later confirmed this news to be true and announced that Udoka would be suspended from coaching the Boston Celtics. 

An outside source working alongside ESPN did some investigations and found that Udoka used foul language in talking with his female subordinate before engaging in a “relationship” with her. This was rightfully deemed concerning coming from a workplace superior and we can only assume that this was abuse of power within the workplace. ESPN also went on to say that the actions of Udoka was an internal issue within the Boston Celtics and not a NBA issue, the Boston Celtics as well states that they don’t intend to stand in the way of him getting an opportunity to coach again.

It also wasn’t too long ago that the Brooklyn Nets let their head coach Steve Nash go as well, opening a coaching spot to the freshly suspended Ime Udoka, some even began to speculate that the Nets were going to offer him the coaching spot but we later found out that the Nets passed on the opportunity to get Ime Udoka do to negative feedback

When asked “Does coaching matter in the NBA”

Mr Dion, a long time fan of the Boston celtics” of course, it matters in everything”.

Pete Asarese, former girls basketball coach for Michael E Smith Middle school team says “it is extremely important, in my opinion, that coaches on the side lines stay focused and call plays to make crucial decisions. Whether in a pro setting or high school they need a way to assess who is tired or just off while they are playing”.

Ms Nelson coach for south hadley high school girls basketball “I’d say yes it does matter otherwise it would be professional free for all, it would just be the wild west and there would be no one to tell the players to calm down”.