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Crumble Cookie Review Week of 5/6 – 5/11

Is Crumble Cookie Worth Spending on Every Week?
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Who wouldn’t want a cookie based off of their favorite sweet treat? Crumble Cookies has recently gained massive popularity around the United States from all ages, especially teenagers. Every week, Crumble comes out with a lineup of 6 new and/or returning cookies.

The week of May 6th to the 12th had cookies consisting of Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Cake, Pink Cake, Milk chocolate chip, Mom’s Recipe, and Raspberry cheesecake. Every week they usually have a very chocolatey cookie and another that is essentially a basic chocolate chip. We both consider this idea kind of boring because we would like there to be more options and new flavored cookies, week to week. Crumble has started this new concept of swapping out a cookie, for a sweet treat. For example, this week it was Raspberry cheesecake (which was sold out), and this upcoming week is a French toast cake. The sweet treats, although, often seem to sell out fast due to the demand. We found this aggravating at times since those cookies are the ones people are often most looking forward to. Also, you usually have to take the cookies to-go because there is no seating inside Crumble.

We take a trip to Crumble every week to try their new cookies. For a six pack of the cookies, it’s about $25, which would get you one of each cookie. For just a single cookie it varies for 4 to 5 dollars. It is pretty pricey but we believe that crumble is worth spending on week to week. 


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Starting off the review with Mom’s Recipe; the Oatmeal flavor was very nice with a salty taste to it, ingredients felt balanced and well put together with a nice texture. Lemon Poppyseed; Our opinions on this cookie differed as Gracie liked the lemon taste/filling and thought it was a good touch, but Anthony didn’t think the lemon belonged on the cookie and had a strong unappealing taste. Pink Cake; Gracie thought it was too sweet and overpowering while Anthony thought it was very tasty and had great texture and flavor. Chocolate Cake; Gracie thought that it had too much chocolate and wasn’t enjoyable while again Anthony’s opinion contradicted Gracie’s as he thought it tasted like a nice chocolate pound cake. Milk Chocolate Chip; We both had similar opinions on this cookie as it had a nice texture and was a great comfort chocolate chip cookie. Since they were sold out of the Raspberry Cheesecake we were not able to try it. This was a major bummer as it was the cookie both of us were most looking forward to reviewing.

Overall, the experience was fun and worth the money. It’s no wonder why people keep coming back week to week, lining up to get the new cookies every Monday.

Milk Chocolate Chip (3/5 Tiger Paws)

Pink Velvet (3/5 Tiger Paws)

Mom’s Recipe (4/5 Tiger Paws)

Chocolate Cake (4/5 Tiger Paws)

Lemon Poppy Seed (2/5 Tiger Paws)

Overall (3.2 out of 5 Tiger Paws)

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