Shameless Review

Brynn Sullivan, Staff Reporter

Shameless is a Tv show on Netflix 11 seasons long that takes place in the South Side of Chicago. Shameless is about a poor and dysfunctional family of Frank and Monica Gallagher. Monica is rarely around while their dad Frank spends his day drunk so all 6 kids were responsible for themselves growing up. The first episode I watched I was immediately hooked, I gave it 5/ tiger paws.There’s always so much going on in the show. I was never bored watching it and all of the characters have a great sense of humor. This show reminds me of my family in a way because we are very chaotic as are the Gallaghers. Fiona, the oldest of the children, took care of her siblings her whole life until they were old enough for jobs and my older sister did the same. Shameless is definitely for mature audiences but the overall message of the show is really meaningful. No matter how awful they treated each other they still always stuck together as a family. They struggled a lot financially and emotionally but they always figured out a way to be able to pay their bills and to take care of eachother at the end of the day.  In each season we get to watch the kids grow up and get into the craziest of situations but they were somehow always lucky enough to get out of it. In each episode the family is constantly fighting and lots of illegal activities are being done by them daily. You should watch this show because it teaches a lesson about always having your family’s back and they will always have yours.