Where do South Hadley’s seniors see themselves in five years?

Lily Lewis, Staff Reporter

Rylee Suchenicz: “Graduated from Colby Sawyer with a nursing degree and working in a hospital. maybe Dartmouth Hitchcock because that is the one we do all of our clinicals at.” 

Esther Ngure: “I see myself in grad school for dental.”

Alex Jovan: “I see myself engineering in the Air Force.” 

Salle Waite: “I see myself working towards a nurse practitioner license and likely working in a hospital.”

Lexi Stratton: “I see myself in my first year of grad school at James Madison University working towards a PHD in physical therapy.” 

DeAndre Bailey: “I see myself starting a business and finishing college.” 

Lily Lewis: “I see myself on track for my masters degree and LCSW.”

Evan Wartel: “I see myself studying to acquire my CFA certification.”

Alena Lempke: “I see myself starting to kick off my cosmetology career. I’ll have lots of loyal clients and be sponsored by a high end brand. Hopefully I will be in a healthy relationship with a person and maybe start a future with them.”

Cameron Williams: “I see myself Leaving Johnson and Wales to work full time in a professional restaurant kitchen.” 

Jasmaly Rosado: “I see myself committed to the University of Hartford, where I will major in Biology in hopes of getting my masters degree. After these next 4 years I will transfer to Suffolk University in Boston and live out my dream of working or being an intern in Boston’s Children’s Hospital and become a Physician’s Assistant.” 

Haley Resnick: “I see myself finishing up my 5th year in college and getting my accelerated master’s degree in psychology and sociology, and beginning a career in the mental health and cognition services. I will hopefully have a job lined up after my internship and be able to enter the field right away.”

Lexi Scott: “In 5 years I see myself either working for a corporate business, starting to create my own business or in grad school.”

Halena Theroux: “I see myself finishing college successfully, maybe on the way to grad school for whatever I choose to do, and getting myself a high paying successful job.” 

Kate Corriveau: “In five years I see myself at school for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.”

Kyleigh Vieu-Fleury: “I see myself studying abroad somewhere and learning a new language and culture.” 

Xavier Macon: “I see myself Working for a big corporation in boston.”