Senior Awards should not discriminate

Every year, students of the senior class nominate their peers for four awards given at graduation: the David E. Barney Memorial Award for sportsmanship, the Donald F. Graham Memorial Award for outstanding character, the Edward P. McGovern Award for positive attitude and the Class of 1992 Award for community service involvement. Two of these awards can be won by a girl or boy, while the other two are awarded only to boys. While this blatant inequality could be a mere coincidence, it’s possible that this is just how the awards have been given out since they were created. But history and all, the Spotlight staff agrees it’s not right for one sex to have more opportunities to be awarded than the other. The qualifications for all four of these awards are not dependent on one’s gender. A female student is just as likely to exhibit good sportsmanship as a male student. To give all students an equal shot at winning an award, each one should have a male and female recipient, or there should be an equal number of awards that are given solely to females as there are ones offered to males.