Senior prank underwhelms underclassmen


The Seniors took over the teacher lot on their last day of school as their senior prank. The prank forced the teachers to park in the student lot with the rest of the students. Compared to ingenious senior pranks of past years with stink bombs in the hallway, zip tying chairs to desks, or even stealing a duck and putting it in the courtyard this year wasn’t the best prank and it was harmless to everyone. The morning of the prank Ms. Bonneville had to stand outside and direct traffic for the teachers to tell them to park in the student lot because there was no room for them in their own lot. The Spotlight Editorial Board agrees that the prank was more of a nuisance to everyone, not very well thought out, and was not outrageous or funny. While some staff supported the idea and praised the seniors’ effort, most agreed that the Class of 2016 needs to step it up for next year.