100% board has good intentions


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100% HONOR: In order to commend students for their academic achievement, the high school has begun posting students’ names up on the TV message board if they get a 100% on a test.

Students who have recently received 100% grades on tests or quizzes are now being listed up on the school’s message board found on the TVs in classrooms. The idea of the system is to recognize individuals for their academic accomplishments, however, there are a few flaws with it.

While receiving a perfect score on anything is impressive and worthy of recognition, not all students are comfortable with their grades being posted up for the rest of the school to see. The 100% board could actually be considered a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects the privacy of student educational records.

In addition, a number shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of if a student is doing well in school or not. For some students, getting an 85% on a test after failing the previous ones is just as worthy of praise as a 100%.

As an alternative to the 100% board, each department could have a student of the month. This student wouldn’t necessarily be the one getting perfect test scores, but someone showing consistent effort and improvement in that particular subject.