Crazy Classroom Temperatures

Whether it’s June or January, students have one common complaint about the extreme classroom temperatures. It seems there is no pattern to which classrooms are most affected by the heat and air conditioning system, but certain classrooms can be unbearable. One of the coldest places in the school is our cafeteria. Students can be seen shivering whenever they eat because of the drastic drop in temperature between the outside hall and the cafeteria. Other cold classrooms include those which house the classes of Jonathan Kelly and Liza Cross. On particularly cold days, students feel the need to even bring in and wear their jackets inside during class. The lack of sufficient heat source during the cold New England winter has left students with no choice but to come up with a solution of their own. In some classrooms, a simple trick is all it takes to warm up. Putting hand sanitizer on the gray heat sensor of each classroom will lead to a colder temperature reading and it cause the heat to kick on and start warming up the room. It actually is very frowned upon, but extreme temperatures have left students with no choice.