Mikey Cebula

Mikey Cebula, Staff Reporter

Mikey is a Sophomore at South Hadley High School. He has always had an interest in writing so being a journalist would be a good career path for him. Mikey Cebula plans to be a part of Spotlight for maybe just this year. The stories Mikey enjoys writing are scary stories or stories with a twist. He doesn't really have an interest in photography but if he sees something nice in nature or something nice in general he will most likely take a picture of it.


Mikey plays football and lacrosse in football he wears number 23 and plays fullback and linebacker. He first started playing football when he was in 6th grade starting on the offensive line wearing number 73. However in 8th grade he switched to tight end and defensive end and wore number 23. Then in high school he switched to fullback/linebacker. In lacrosse, Mikey wears number 26 and plays attack. He first started playing lacrosse in 7th grade and played some indoor lacrosse to get better for his 8th grade season but the lacrosse season was canceled due to COVID. For Mikey's hobbies he likes to play video games and collect sneakers. He recently got his dream shoe which was the Jordan 1 University Blue which he saved up his Christmas and birthday money to buy. He got into collecting sneakers during the summer when he went to footlocker and bought a pair of Air Force 1s. He liked the sneakers a lot and decided this is what he wanted to do, which was to collect and buy/sell sneakers for some extra money. He really wants a pair of Air Jordan 1 Chicago's but they go for like 1,500-2,000 on StockX but eventually he hopes to be able to buy them.


Mikey's favorite food is steak, his favorite book is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. His favorite video game at the moment is Red Dead Redemption 2.   

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Mikey Cebula