Favorite or Flop? The Holidate- A Netflix Original


Alena Lempke, Staff reporter

Around December, new Christmas movies are put out for audiences to enjoy cuddling up on the couch with their family or friends, pop some popcorn, and feel the Christmas spirit. The Holidate was put out October 28th 2020 on Netflix. The Holidate is a romantic comedy that stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. They recommend ages 16 and under shouldn’t watch it but I think 15 and up is a good age rating. This movie is definitely more of a comedy than a romance movie but there is a nice mix. 


The story is about a woman named Sloane, Emma Roberts, who lives in Chicago by herself. Everyone in her family is always in a relationship every holiday and she no longer has anyone to come along with her since her and her boyfriend broke up. Jackson, Luke Bracey, spent holidays with girls and the families when he’s not that interested in having a serious relationship. The two meet at a mall the day after Christmas and share their Christmas nightmares. They decide to be each other’s “holidate”. A date you bring to every holiday, but don’t hang out otherwise. Each holiday, they get attached more and more. They are learning new things about each other, which makes them closer. 


Spoilers are not fun, but the ending is kind of predictable. If you like romantic comedies, a little cheesy but mature jokes, this movie is perfect. It is definitely a new favorite. It’s not a classic christmas movie, but it has a little mix of everything and it’s not totally focused on Christmas. It also shows the reality of how hard it is to spend the holidays alone as you get older. For me, Christmas has a magic spark. It makes you feel happy and loved. Once you get older, you want to spend the holidays with someone who means a lot to you and someone your family can take in and love just as much as you do. 


I give this movie a 4/5 tiger paws; pounce on it! Happy Holidays everyone! Curl up on the couch with a big fuzzy blanket and get some popcorn and start a new favorite, The Holidate.