Roe vs. Wade Overturned

In the most recent events, the Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade has been voted on to be overturned starting in June stated in a leaked draft. 


The landmark decision in 1973 federally legalized the right for a pregnant woman to get an abortion without excessive government restriction.


This drastic overturn might mean detrimental repercussions to women and their rights to control their bodies and decisions, and possibly their rights to some birth controls. Nearly 3/4 of the public is currently outraged with the stop on moving forward in history, instead reversing time taking away rights in this “free country”. The other quarter, feeling like it is what needs to be done. WIth a “pro-life” standpoint, although those same people dont prioritize that childs life after their born.


In America with maternal death rates being so drastically high, women are terrified that if they have a miscarriage, they could possibly be charged for a crime for a forced miscarriage with no way to prove they’re innocent. Having to mourn their loss with fines or charges breathing down their necks.


People are also scared that this will influence other countries to go forward with new restrictive laws.


In some states now, it is illegal to purchase Plan B and is considered a crime punishable by up to $50,000. 


The Supreme Court should not be able to control or limit the rights of American people.