Why is Fashion So Important

Tahlia Asarese, Staff Reporter

Fashion is something that we can’t avoid but is it really that important? To some people, yes, some might spend hours shopping and looking over websites to find an outfit or you might be scrolling through Tik Tok and find somebody that you think has a great outfit and want to look just as good in it, either way fashion is everywhere. A quote from Coco Chanel a French fashion designer says “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. Because of this it’s hard not to think about it or be quick to judge, but why do we care so much about what we wear or what other people wear? 

Fashion can be an outlet of one’s personality and has a bigger impact on us than we think it does. Being fashion “conscious” and being up to date with the new trends might also connect you with new people around you, and can be a way to meet new people, Especially in school where there are so many different people with a wide range of likes and dislikes. Just a simple compliment in an awkward situation about someone’s clothing, hair, or makeup can easily diffuse the tension and get someone to start opening up and is a perfect way to keep the conversation going or a way to end it on a kind note. 

For some people your job might even call for you to look responsible and strong headed so people can understand that you mean business and want to talk about serious topics, but for some jobs they require you to wear their own uniform that they provide for you. This can promote team spirit within the work space and make everyone feel included because everyone is wearing the same clothing and there is no worry of someone feeling singled out. This also brings reassurance to their customers because they are easily visible when in need of help, but a down side to this is that they can be restricting and uncomfortable to the works and depending on how it looks people might not take you seriously and not respect you if you look “goofy” or “silly”

Fashion is a common word used in our everyday lives but the term fashion used to just be just what you were going to wear for a specific events or gatherings not used in people’s day to day lives, but now with all these trends going around on social media platforms, people care much more about their clothing choice now more than ever. For some young adults in schools and out in the world, clothing can be a positive self esteem booster and become a strong form of entertainment, as well as a way of releasing inward feelings that can reduce stress for some people. An example of fashion being a distraction is in 1943 when fashion week was made, it became a sort of distraction for women during world war 2 as a way to keep their minds off of their dieing husbands and on to something that was enjoyable and something that men couldn’t dictate them over. 

There isn’t an outfit out there that won’t get judged. We live in a society where everyone is judged on something and we can’t control the stereotypical comments that might come our way, but everyone’s style is different from yours and is unique in their own way. First impressions are important but they don’t define you as your own person, get to know each other before you assume who they are just based on their clothing style. Of course it’s in human nature to assume so just keep your head up, look forward and enjoy being you.