Changes to lock down system could increase student safety

                 Over the past years, many schools and districts have been trying to perfect their lock down systems to protect students and staff against potentially dangerous intruders. Generally, the plan during a lock down is to have students hide in a corner away from doors and windows. Picture all of your students sitting in one corner in a semi-dark classroom.huffinton post photo



                 The only thing between your students and the intruder is a wooden door. Once the intruder breaks down that door, the students are not protected anymore. The perpetrator has a full advantage of doing harm, because the students will be all bunched together in a small place. Have you heard that saying “it’s like shooting fish in a barrel”? Well, that’s what it would be like.

                 One solution to fix this problem would be to have the students spread out within the room and throw golf balls toward the intruder, aiming for the face. Another possible solution, and a more cost-effective one, would be to get simple things such as a rock or stones that students can launch at the intruder. At the end of the day, what is more valuable; the cost it is to protect your students or students live themselves?