Field day for upcoming seniors and upcoming freshman will benefit both grades

What is the scariest thing about being a freshman in high school? There is a lot about the change in school scenery and the new people that may cause a  freshman to worry. The biggest fear I had my freshman year was that I would be picked on, and not liked by the seniors. Now, as a current senior, I believe it would be very beneficial to have a Freshman/Senior field day in the beginning of each school year. This would allow the freshman to meet a majority of the seniors and get to know them better. That way, their school year would be less terrifying since they would befriend one or two seniors at the least.

Although there is a step up day and freshman fun day, I believe that not many freshman attend the fun day due to the fact that it is in the middle of summer, as well as not many seniors help out since it is operated by various grades. Also, during the step up day, the main focus to to get them comfortable with how the schedules work, rather than meet the seniors. Having a day dedicated to the seniors and freshman would benefit both the senior and freshman class. Freshman would gain friendships with the seniors so their school year is less stressful and scary, as well as the Seniors would be able to assist the freshman, and expand their friend groups even further.