Grab your gear from “The Paw”


Staff photo by Brianna Ingham

Paradis modeling retro jerseyPreviously known as “The Paw,” the school store has reopened and changed its name to “The Tiger’s Den.”

Currently, the school store is selling retired jerseys, and all profits made from them will go to ordering new inventory. Dan Paradis, connections
coordinator, is the current store advisor. He, along with his fifth period connections students, run the store. Students can expect
to see hoodies, sweatpants, shirts, socks and many other clothing articles.

“Baseball hats, t-shirts, socks, shorts and anything the majority of people request,” Paradis said. “What would [students] like to see in the Tiger’s Den for the springtime?”

Paradis is gearing all of the inventory to what the students ask for. Outside of the Tiger’s Den entrance, there is a suggestion
box filled with ideas.

“I wish we could sell coffee, but unfortunately that’s not possible. With that said, I hope to provide students with clothing and gear that they want and what’s hip, not what I think is cool. I would be off by a mile.”

The Tiger’s Den is based off of what the students want and when they are available to get it.

“I believe one of the most important aspects is being consistent. If people know that the Den is open during fifth period every day, then they will always have time to swing in,” said Paradis. “The most important aspect is that it’s the students’ store. My goal is to empower students to be
engaged in what the store has to offer so there is constant traffic, otherwise it will never be as big as Walmart.”