Intro to Vocational Classes at the High School


Cooking class at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.
Cooking class at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.

4890928_a1ce0bded7  High Schools around the country offer different classes depending on the location of the school, or the interests and talents of their students. Our high school offers many classes for each grade, and over the years some classes have been cut and some have been added. For the upcoming 2016-2017 school year our very own South Hadley high is offering a number of new classes to accommodate many different interests. Also among the new classes we are lucky to have the opportunity to take a new step forward in becoming a vocational school.

The high school is now offering a culinary class which will be for all grades is a great way to get a head start on becoming successful in the food industry in the future. This class will prepare you for entry level employment training. There is also a cp treble choir class that is for selective vocal performers, in which students are required to audition to get in the class.

There are a handful of courses relating to sports and athletic lifestyles. There is a sport and fitness training class that will focus on enhancing athletic ability and performance. It will provide resistance and cardiovascular conditioning for the students. As the course continues, the intensity level will be constantly increasing. There will be a live long and individual activity class that focuses on attaining a healthy lifestyle and personal wellness. It will teach students to have positive health behaviors and are required to write in a daily journal. There is a team game class that involves games such as volleyball, basketball, softball, flag football, frisbee, and floor hockey.  

Some academic courses available next year include an activist literature class that describes and covers the perspective of how diverse and oppressed people want a change in society. There is a postmodern literature class that talks about literature from 1950 to present day. There is a new college prep foundations and personal finances class that focuses on finances, basic economic skills, and managing your own finances which would be helpful for students future.

There are a lot more classes for students here at the high school including; officiating, walking-jogging-cardio, sports and nutrition, writings intervention workshop 1, social thinking 2, and honors latin 4. These new classes will provide students with new and important information that will enrich their knowledge of various topics for their future. The high school continues to add new courses to create a change and provide new experiences for our students. Going through with these actions, make it seem as if that the high school is focusing more on the vocational aspect of schooling versus a traditional high school aspect.