Marissa’s interest in joining the spotlight, is to experience what it is like to have her writing displayed on a website for other people to read. Something that drives Marissa to be a journalist, is when she is creating a story she can put whatever she chooses into that story. Also, another thing that interests her about being a journalist is she can share her work with a lot of people. This would be Marissa’s first year in spotlight and she plans to be a part of it until she graduates high school.

 Marissa enjoys writing a story that involves a lot of action, and building a lot of suspense towards the climax. One thing that she is looking forward to as an accomplishment for spotlight is to create something exciting so that more people will want to read it. Marissa is not much of a camera person, she can be shy at times. She would rather stay out of view from a camera and tell her stories through writing, or possibly creating a podcast. 

Marissa plays wheelchair basketball, and it is her favorite sport. She plays on the varsity team, and overall she has been playing for four years. She has also tried other sports, but she didn’t really like them. Some hobbies that Marissa have are: Baking, playing video games and shopping. Some of her favorite things to bake are: Chocolate Chip cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. Another hobby Marissa has is playing video games. She plays a lot of games, and she doesn’t really have any favorites. Marissa also likes to go shopping. Not just any kind of shopping but specifically clothes shopping. Due to schools being closed for the beginning of the year, Marissa didn’t join any clubs. In past years she was a part of the drama club. When school opens back up she plans to join an afterschool club. 

In her free time Marissa likes to hangout with friends. Occasionally on the weekends when she has no other plans, she will go on road trips with her parents to visit other family members. Marissa is a picky eater so her favorite food is chicken tenders. Her favorite place to eat is Chick Fil A. Marissa’s favorite series to read when she was younger was Diary of A Wimpy Kid. 

Marissa Schenker, Staff Reporter

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Marissa Schenker