Dealing with Stress

 Do you ever get so stressed out you don’t know what to do? According to  there are 4 A’s of dealing with stress management. The 4 A’s are Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept. Different people cope with stress in different ways. For example, Aidan, Izzy and Marissa deal with stress in many different ways. Aidan likes to take walks alone while listening to music. Izzy likes to meditate and Marissa likes to play basketball.

Many people have different methods when it comes to dealing with their stress. I myself (Marissa) find that playing basketball is a great way for me to relieve my stress. Playing basketball helps me relieve my stress because I have been playing it for a long time and it’s easy for me to do. I also find that listening to music is very helpful, because you can pick whatever type of music you want. Another thing that I find to help with stress is baking. Just the thought of making a yummy treat that I will enjoy puts me in a good mood, and makes me less stressed. 



Life can be very stressful at times and I myself (Izzy) have several ways I like to decrease stress.  One of my favorite things I do to destress after a long day is learn new music on one of the instruments I play.  Sometimes I’ll learn the different parts of a song on more than one instrument then use a garage band to put it together.  If I can’t play music I’ll just listen to it and instantly I’m more relaxed.  Music is my happy place and wherever your happy place is, is where you should go when you’re stressed.  Sometimes just the simple things can be relaxing.  For example a nice long hot shower is always nice.  Afterwards applying lotion can also be quite distressing.  Having a smell that you find relaxing surrounding you I have found to be very relaxing.  Speaking of relaxing smells I myself find eucalyptus to be a good choice and I will often use it in my aromatherapy diffuser.  Having my room smell like eucalyptus can also help me fall asleep faster.  Sometimes before I go to bed I will use my sound machine to relax and occasionally I’ll either meditate or do yoga. 

Life can be very stressful especially in today’s time. I (Aidan) have a few different ways to help manage my stress. One thing that I like to do is just sleep. Taking naps during the day helps clear my head and makes me feel refreshed when I wake up. Another activity that helps me relax is working out. Working out is something that I enjoy doing, so it is a great way to relieve any stress that I have. Another thing that helps me relieve stress is going on walks alone while I listen to music. Sometimes it is best to just be alone if I am in a bad mood. Also, I enjoy listening to music and listening to different music is very relaxing. 

 In conclusion, everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. There is no right or wrong way to cope with stress.