Longhorn’s luscious tastes make you want to return

Staff photo by Maritza Roman
Bar seating provides a comfortable and relaxing environment

When you walk into Longhorn Steakhouse your senses are overwhelmed with the delicate smell of steak and one of the first things you notice is the western themed decor. Located on Riverdale street in West Springfield, Longhorn features many items on their menu. From soups and salads to mouthwatering steaks and appetizers, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

your senses are overwhelmed with the delicate smell of steak”

— Maritza Roman

One meal in particular has grown to be my favorite, improving with each visit. For an appetizer, the delicious ‘Texas T’onion’ is a great way to start your meal. Continuing your food selection, I highly recommend the ‘8 oz. Renegade Sirloin’ paired with a cesar salad and a loaded baked potato. As you bite into the steak, you get a mouth full of delectable spices, your salad is tossed and seasoned to perfection, and the baked potato is filled with sour cream, shredded cheese and bacon. Not to mention that if it is your birthday, you are surprised with a delicious hot fudge sundae along with multiple waiters and waitresses that sing to you their very own Longhorn birthday song.

Founded in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia Longhorn was just starting out and had
some rough patches. However in 1996, adapting the name Longhorn Steakhouse, the restaurant grew in fame throughout the United States adding up to over 450 locations nationwide.

Although crowded during lunch and dinner times, 12pm and 6pm, Longhorn Steakhouse never fails to deliver tasty meals to my table, along with great service and great people.

5 out of 5 stars; devour it !