‘Agar.io’ game grows in popularity

Agar.io game grows in popularity

Agar.io is becoming a wide known game, appealing to all ages. Since being released in April 2015, I began playing this game weeks after its release. With no real plot, your objective as a ‘cell’ is to grow by eating other cells, and become the largest mass in the game.

With no relation to many other games, Agar.io is very player friendly. The basic idea was taken from Pac-Man. In Pac-Man, your objective is to eat the small dots, not die, and eat the ghosts when they are inferior to you. In Agar.io, the idea is the same. Eat or be eaten.
You can compete with anonymous players around the world, competing to be in the Top 10. There are thousands of players at any given time. In this game you are able to play in different parts of the world. You are able to play in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Turkey, East Asia, China and Oceania.

“Keep telling yourself ‘one more round,’and 500 rounds later, you’re addicted.””

— Maritza Roman

To play the game, you move the mouse in the direction you wish to move in. To shoot your mass, press the ‘w’ key on your keyboard. You should shoot your mass only if you wish to get smaller and faster. By pressing the spacebar, you can divide yourself in half over and over again. This will shrink you and increase your speed.
In Agar.io, you can change the appearance of your cell by typing in a name such as ‘Mars’ in your name selection box. If the name doesn’t have a skin associated with it, you will just appear as a randomized colored cell. Some skins include Earth, the Moon, Doge, and you can even be a cia agent. This will allow you to appear as whatever you type for a name, as long as there is a skin for it.

Agar.io game grows in popularity for all ages
‘Agar.io’ screenshot from Agar.io
Agar.io game grows in popularity for all ages

I find this game pointless, but highly amusing. Round after round, as you create alliances in order to survive the masses, you keep telling yourself “one more round,” and 500 rounds later, you’re addicted.
4 out of 5 paws; Pounce on it!