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AP Biology’s New Creations


Many species were created during a project in Ms. Carver’s AP Biology class. Students ranging from sophomores to seniors worked hard throughout the week. Groups worked together to determine their creations’ traits, names and looks. After the decision-making was done they made the animals come to life, by creating 3-D models of them. 


The Chunker was a new creation, designed by 3 sophomores, Grace O’Shea Griffis, Kiana Ramos, and Nate McMains. Traits from the sea otter, blue whale, dolphin, and cat were used in said creation. They put their minds together and used their previous knowledge of each animal to create a new species. 


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Grace O’Shea Griffis said, “We combined our animal presentations and added a big whale because they wanted it to be big.” At the end of the project when they were interviewed, Kiana mentioned their bonding experience throughout the project. Kiana said, “I grew closer to my classmates and created a whole new species.”  The group loved this project and had a lot of fun with it. They even recommend that all students take this course.


Other AP Biology students, Meredith Craven, and Allison Flurey were interviewed. When asked what they thought the hardest part of the project was, Meredith said, “The hardest part was brainstorming what animals we would use.” A lot of effort was put in behind the scenes to make this project run smoothly, especially when there are so many animals with various traits. But deciding what animals to use is just one of the many steps. When Allison was asked the same question she said, “The hardest part was gluing the wings to the model.” Allison had fun making things but once it got to the assembling she had some difficulties.


In addition to being asked what the hardest part of their project was, they were also asked what they thought was the easiest part. Meredith said, “The easiest was creating the poster and assembling things,” while Allison said the easiest was making the habitat. The two agreed that the final touches were the easiest, but the most important. The details helped make the project look more appealing, especially since they would be sharing their projects amongst their class and other students.

Although AP Biology may seem intimidating, the words from students prove otherwise. The students who did this project were open about how much they enjoyed it, but the class agreed that it wouldn’t be the same without the teacher. Ms. Carver is loved by all the students taking this course, and according to Meredith Craven, “Ms. Carver is a very nice teacher, very chill, and considerate.” 


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