A New Covid Strain… More Contagious?


Olivia Jolley

Covid is taking over the world, and it’s getting worse and worse by the day. More people are getting infected. New record deaths are set every single day. The Trump Administration promised that 20 million vaccines would be distributed at this point, but only around 4-5 million have been. And with the luck of 2020, a new strain of covid was brought into 2021.

The new variant of covid was found in a person in the United Kingdom. Experts believe that this new strain is why the outbreaks in the countries of the U.K. are moving much faster and infecting more people, causing more deaths.

This new strain has been found to be 70% more transmissible than the original strain. This new strain is also infecting kids/younger people much more frequently and faster than the first strain. Health experts are worried that the vaccine everyone worked so hard to make won’t work on this new variant of the virus, but there is not enough evidence to prove whether it will or won’t in the first place.

Hospitals are being bombarded with covid patients. This new strain will not make it any easier to control the entire pandemic. But, President Biden has made new plans to boost covid testing, address the lack of supply, and give more money to communities that have been hit harder, and there will definitely be more plans to help the country get back to normal.