Meditation Station

Brynn Sullivan, Staff Reporter

Meditation station

About a year ago at our school, we formed something called the meditation station. This room used to be a school store but was made into something better. The purpose of this room is for students to have a quiet and relaxing place to get their mind off things. I think this is a really important part of our school because personally there’s been so many times where I’ve had a bad morning and I want to entirely skip that day of school but instead you can check into the meditation station, take a break and hopefully feel better to participate in the rest of the school day. They do things like guided meditation, yoga and brain teasers. There’s also things like a fish tank, salt lamp, fairy lights, tapestries, fidget toys, coloring books, yoga mats, comfy chairs, etc. Every year they have conferences to try and change things up and improve the room as best as they can. Everyday there are around 9-12 kids who go in the meditation room which was surprising to me I thought there would be more. I had questioned why they have a no phone rule but once I talked to Ms.gagne about it she says she’s very lenient about it especially because music helps a lot of people but in the past people were texting friends to join them in the meditation station which is not the purpose of this room. Overall I think this is a great addition to the school, the teacher in charge of this station is very nice and its a really good place to get your mind off things and relieve some stress.