The Greatest Comedy Show Of All Time: The Office


Brennan McGrevy, Staff Reporter

Looking for a good laugh? I have just the show for you! The Office is a great T.V. series to watch on the streaming service Peacock. The Office is a show that portrays everyday average coworkers that the viewer can relate to and laugh about.

The main characters are Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, and Pam Beesly. These characters work for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton Pennsylvania. Michael Scott is the boss at the office and makes sure all the workers do their work, but he actually doesn’t and messes with his workers a majority of the time with his hilarious nonsense.

Jim Halpert is a salesman at the office and always does hilarious pranks on Dwight to mess with him because it makes Pam laugh. Dwight is the best salesman Dunder Mifflin has and always makes the most sales at the office. He always comes up with random facts and is very awkward and makes the T.V. the viewer just makes you laugh.

Dwight is always pranked and bothered by Jim and is always hilarious to watch. Pam is a main character who likes to do pranks on Dwight with Jim and always hangs around Jim at the office. The Office overall has great vibes that will brighten your day and make you laugh. If you enjoy sitcoms and comedies definitely check out The Office. I would rate it five out of five paws, definitely devour it and watch it! Everyone I’ve talked to has loved this show and I enjoy making Office references with my friends. Check out The Office when you have time because you’ll definitely enjoy it!