What is YOUR favorite way to eat potatoes?

What is YOUR favorite way to eat potatoes?

Marissa Jagodowski

On Thursday, April 7th,I interviewed several people on what their favorite way to eat potatoes was. The outcome was not what I expected! The most popular potato was french fries, the second most popular was mashed potatoes and in third place was tater tots.

 I was surprised by this outcome because I would have thought that fries would win by a lot more and mashed wouldn’t have been second place. My guess is that a lot of people said mashed potatoes because it was the first thing they thought of, and not because they actually like them the best. I was also very surprised that potato chips only had 2 votes. I feel chips are such a common snack and way of eating potatoes. 

Potatoes are so versatile and there are so many ways of enjoying them. They can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and more. The most common way of eating potatoes for breakfast is homefries. For the lunch/dinner category, mashed potatoes are the most popular. Finally,for the snack/side category fries were the most popular.

Here are the final results:

(24) fries

(23) mashed

(10) tater tots

(6) baked 

(4) homefries

(3) hash browns 

(2) chips

(1) roasted