There’s Nothing Cool About the JUUL


Evan Levrault, Journalist

An epidemic of a new type of e-cigarette has been sweeping the nation. The name of this device, the JUUL.

A JUUL is a small device that looks very similar to a flash drive. It is fueled by “pods” that contain nicotine juice and come in many different flavors such as mango, mint, sweet tobacco, fruit, and crème brûlée. These pods also double as the main mouthpiece for the device. The sleek look of the JUUL allows teens to easily hide it both at home and in school, which is the main reason that it is such a problem across the nation.

The main attraction of the JUUL is the “buzz” that users get from the hit of nicotine that lasts between 1-2 minutes. Teens are also attracted to this device because they think that it is a healthier alternative to cigarettes, which may or may not be true. This style of “vaping” is so new to society that many scientists and doctors have not figured out the long term effects yet. One known side effect is a disease called popcorn lung. Some believe that e-cigarettes and vaping can cause cancer, but no solid evidence has been shown yet. Each “pod” contains 0.7mL of 5% strength nicotine by weight, which is approximate to the amount of nicotine in one pack of cigarettes (about 200 puffs), and the fruity flavors are very appealing to today’s youth and give them a sense that the device is harmless, which is very untrue. JUULs have been proven to be very easy for teens, under the age of 18, to acquire. Many people just buy their devices from peers who are 18 or older, and can legally buy the JUULs. Others may have them shipped to their, or their friends, houses off of the JUUL website with the use of a parents, or older siblings ID.

We were able to interview Mr. Lemieux about the breakout of JUULs at SHHS. He stated that administration is “moderately aware (of the JUUL epidemic) but are reaching out to local law enforcement and a local drug and alcohol consortium for more information.” Mr Lemieux also stated that JUULing is a “huge problem in surrounding schools” and that he and Ms. Wood are “in the process of starting a Hampshire Schools Task Force to start discussing and coming up with ways to handle the vaping issue.”