Tigers Golf comes to an end


Keegan Earle getting ready to swing!

Alena Lempke, Staff reporter

The High school golf team is one of the very few sports teams that were able to play their season this fall, due to covid. I was interested in how much this golf season has changed, compared to last season. I spoke with a few of the team members such as junior Boston Kelly, junior Keegan Earle, sophomore Sean Whalen and sophomore Nick Hartley, to get some inside detail about practices, games, and the team itself.


How is the SHHS golf team taking precautions due to Covid-19? Practices and games are not ideal, but they are working for the students. “We wear masks and we are not allowed to share equipment.” (Junior, Keegan Earle) “We use hand sanitizer and wear our masks and take our temperature before a match/practice and we try to distance ourselves during practice or a match.” (Junior, Boston Kelly) Golf is one of very few sports where you can safely distance while playing.


What does the team look like this year and how are the freshies settling in? Being a freshman on a Varsity team can be intimidating, but some kids actually get the confidence to do well just by being surrounded by great teammates. Some of the freshmen include Andrew Phillips, Ethan Roy, Dylan Kent- Molina, Bennett Allen, and Jack Maziarz. “The freshmen on the team have improved Varsity since the start of the year, with some of them in the line up, such as Dylan Kent-Molina and Ethan Roy.” (Sophomore, Sean Whalen)


How is competing with other schools? How is it good, how is it bad? With Covid-19, it’s hard to socialize with other kids our age and adults would be surprised on how most of us actually like talking and socializing with new people, including our competitors. I asked the boys on how they felt about how games are going and how they were different from last year. Most of them said it’s hard to beat other schools when you don’t have a bunch of seniors. “Our team has been competitive with other schools this season, with many close games. We have lost many of our starters after graduation, but we have been able to keep games close without many seniors.” (Sophomore, Sean Whalen) “Competing with other schools is fine, but our team wasn’t very strong this year so we got beat a lot.” (Sophomore, Nick Hartley) “Competing with other schools was very different compared to last season because of Coronavirus and it was hard to keep a distance from friends on our own team and the competing team, but we tried our best to do well.” (Junior, Boston Kelly)


As the season comes to an end, the boys are thankful they got a season, unlike some of the other fall sports like volleyball, football and cheerleading. Great season boys! Hopefully next year will be a little more normal.