Rugby becomes newest MIAA sport


In the 2016-17 school year the fast paced, action packed sport of rugby will become the 35th sport sanctioned by the MIAA. This sport will be offered in the spring and is already drawing major interest from schools in Eastern Massachusetts. Over 12 schools from that area are already signed up to play the first year that the sport becomes sanctioned.

Many students from South Hadley High School said that they would definitely be interested in playing rugby because it was a sport that they did not know much about and were interested in learning more. Junior Jimmy Mazza said that he would love to play Rugby because he plays hockey and “it is another sport where I can hit people.” Other students are worried for their safety because rugby is such a dangerous sport. It looks as if they will not have to worry about it because Athletic Director Tad Desautels says that he doubts rugby will become a sport at South Hadley High School. “I’m not big on starting a new sport if it will hurt the sports that we already have”, Desautels said. “Since it is being offered in the spring it will take numbers away from the lacrosse, track, and baseball teams.”

Desautels also stated that he was surprised rugby was sanctioned by the MIAA. “They are taking so many steps to try and make football less dangerous, I am very surprised that they would go ahead and pass a dangerous sport like this.”
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