Students make a difference at annual blood drive

staff photo by Jailene Rodriguez
Hannah Menard and Lexi Bogalhas

Nearly 100 lives will be positively affected thanks to the generosity of students and staff at this year’s Red Cross blood drive, held in the high school auditorium earlier this month.

For more than 10 years, the Red Cross has conducted an annual blood drive at the high school. This year, they received 31 individual donations, according to the Red Cross’s Richard McGravey.

Students had a variety of reasons for why they donated blood.

“I like knowing that I am giving back,” said junior Hannah Menard. “I also like getting out of class.” Menard said she has donated blood several times before this year, and is planning on doing it again in the future. Her favorite part of the blood drive is when the Red Cross workers provide step-by-step descriptions about the blood donation process.

Senior Emily Roberts said she donates because she has the universal blood type, which means she can donate her blood to anyone.

“I love giving blood,” Roberts said. “It’s my ninth time, and I plan to donate for many years to come.” Her advice to anyone in the future who plans on donating is to not look at the needle. “The first time I donated blood I made that mistake,” she said.

Senior Dan Marcoux said he likes to “watch the different tubes and bags as they take the blood.” Marcoux said his entire family donates blood in support of his grandmother. Marcoux noted that there have been blood drives across Massachusetts named after his grandmother, whom he refers to as his Nano. He said this event is special for him because he is helping someone somewhere by this small act of kindness. Marcoux said many of his family members give blood, including his dad, who donates 2 gallons each year. Marcoux’s advice to people who donate blood or plan on donating blood is to “keep on keep’n on.”


Keep on keep’n on”

— Dan Marcoux