Tiny Pretty Things-Favorite or Flop?


Alena Lempke, Staff reporter

Tiny Pretty Things is a Netflix series released December 14 of 2020. The producer, Mary Anne Waterhouse, creates a twisted story about teenage ballet students. When I first heard of the series, I assumed it was a reality show of dancers at a very competitive ballet school. Watching the trailer intrigued me. It showed there was going to be a dark background to the story line. 


The story starts with one of the best students at the Archer School of Ballet, Cassie, is pushed off a rooftop building by a mysterious hooded figure. While in recovery, her spot is given to Neveah. Neveah has a spunky side to her that the other students hide so it makes her stand out and looked at as competition. Each student has their own thing they are going through and the watchers get to see every struggle. 


I love that the story has a dark and twisted plot. It makes it interesting for everyone to enjoy watching the series. It has a teenage drama aspect to it, but creates even more drama because of the incident with Cassie. The students have their secrets about the night of Cassie’s fall. It’s like a guessing game from episode 1 all the way to episode 10. Who pushed Cassie? If you are into crime investigation, this show is great to watch. 


A negative about the show is it is recommended to 16 years or older. I think that it is a good age rating, but it’s the reason it is rated 16+. There is swearing, some graphic content, and nudity. It may bother some audiences. To me, that is normal for a teenage drama. It shows the reality of teens today.


Overall, I give Tiny Pretty Things a tiger paw rating of 4-pounce on it. To some audiences, they may get bored or even frustrated figuring the case out. To others, they will enjoy the thrill and excitement the show brings. Start binge watching a new favorite, Tiny Pretty Things