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Are current college prices fair?

Are current college prices fair?

It’s that time of year where seniors not only at South Hadley but every high school are making their final decisions on what to do after graduating. For those going to college it is a very exciting time because they get to decide where they want to spend the next four years of their lives. However, for some they might lose out on opportunities, or have limited choices of schools because of high expenses, even if they are better qualified then other applicants. 

For students who might not have as much money as others, who are looking to go to college, even Massachusetts state colleges average a tuition of $14,023 for in-state students. This is a very high price for small schools that don’t always have the nicest campuses, or other extremities. Also, these schools are usually high targets for students who are looking for a good, cheap education and even these schools aren’t affordable for some families anymore.

Not only are small state schools now expensive, but the larger schools have also boosted their already high prices. Boston University is raising tuition to about $70,000 for boarding students in 2024. Along with Northeastern University who is charging about $65,000. These prices are insanely and unfairly high for students who are looking to have a high quality education, and have a good college experience.

Prices for all colleges should be lower, or at least not increase anymore because they are already so high. Families are already struggling to pay off tuition for college now, nevermind if prices go up. If prices do go up, then they will be denying many students of opportunities because they will not be able to afford to go to school. Colleges should at least keep their prices the same in order for all students to have the ability to go to college.

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